by Liz Cormack

I thought Digg was dead - but apparently they haven’t given up yet. As seen in the first image, which is just a snapshot of how quickly Digg traffic tanked last summer, Reddit has stolen a lot of once-loyal Digg users.

Digg Newsrooms might change that.

The Newsrooms, now in beta, will surface content based on topics in a clean, manageable format - articles won’t be published until users Digg them (a good move on Digg’s part in terms of keeping users happy after the catastrophe of v4) but the content will be tilled by gauging Facebook likes, Tweets and the overall quality of the source.

You can follow newrooms based on a variety of topics, and the ‘Newswire’ newsfeed is constantly updated. It looks promising, but we’ll see if it causes enough buzz to bring Digg into the forefront of the social media arena once again.

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