It’s an age old rivalry. One is a NASA engineer, the other is a football star. But which is which? Astronauts endure numerous physical tests in order to endure the rigors of space. Football players memorize plays down to the exact formation, route, and snap count.

This semester, the Social Media class at Emerson College is here to facilitate the debate of brains versus brawn. We’ve split into two teams; one to attract New England Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman to visit class and the other to reach the astronauts in the International Space Station to Skype with us. Why? Frankly, we’re impressed with their use of social media.

Let us know who you want the class to attract by using the hashtag #brainsVSbrawn and #Edelman2Emerson to vote Edelman and #ESMspacejam to vote NASA.

The gravity of this situation is dire. We’re here to spark a debate…who will touch down at Emerson?

Read our letter to Julian Edelman, #11 

Read our letter to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station

Have any questions? Email us: brainsVSbrawn@gmail.com